Installation and maintenance of desilter

是泥浆固控系统的第三级净化设备,是根据颗粒沉降原理设计而成的,其分离介质钻井液通过砂泵产生一定的压力和速度,沿旋流器内壁螺旋进入,较粗的颗粒在离心力和重力的作用下沿旋流器内壁螺旋下沉,从底流口排出,落在下面的细目振动筛上分离,其余介质沿旋流器螺旋上升。 The desilter is the third-stage purification equipment of the mud solid control system, which is designed based on the principle of particle sedimentation. The separation medium drilling fluid generates a certain pressure and speed through the sand pump and enters along the inner wall of the cyclone. Under the action of centrifugal force and gravity, the particles of the spiral sink down along the inner wall of the cyclone, are discharged from the underflow, and are separated on the fine mesh sieve falling below, and the remaining medium rises spirally along the cyclone.

Desilter installation and commissioning:

1. The desilter should be installed after the sand cleaner, that is, the end of the second tank, and the base should be placed stably.

进出口与其他设备的联接管线采用软管线,且尽可能减少长度和拐弯。 2. The connecting pipeline between the inlet and the outlet of the desilter and other equipment adopts hose lines, and the length and turning are minimized.

3. The tension of the screen should be appropriate, and the screen after tension should be flat and free of wrinkles.

4. The vibration motor is filled with grease every 1500 ~ 2500 hours, and the amount of oil per bearing is 5 ~ 10ml.

Desilter maintenance and maintenance:

1. Check to confirm the correct connection and sealing parts;

2. When the cyclone is not used for a long time, it must be cleaned with clean water to prevent dry sand from accumulating in the cyclone.

3. Repair or replace worn, leaky and damaged swirlers.

停机后应清洗筛网,以免泥沙干固,下次无法使用。 4. After the desilter is stopped, the screen should be cleaned to prevent the sediment from drying and becoming unusable next time. When cleaning the screen, it is strictly forbidden to beat with slaps, and use other hard objects to brush the screen surface to ensure the life of the screen.

5. Check whether the nozzle is damaged. Inspect the cavity inside the swirl tube and replace damaged parts if necessary.