Positioning of drilling fluid desilter in solid control system

With the continuous improvement of drilling technology and the continuous popularization and application of new drilling technologies and processes such as horizontal wells and directional wells, the contradiction between the technical performance of drilling fluids and drilling speed and drilling quality has become increasingly prominent. How to improve it economically and effectively, especially Technical instructions for stabilizing drilling fluids, removing harmful solid phases in drilling fluids, and meeting the requirements of new drilling technology processes have become important technical issues for the development and progress of petroleum drilling technology.

广泛用于钻井液的三级净化,可有效的清除钻井液中15~44微米的固相颗粒,是稳定、调节钻井液技术指标不可缺少的重要设备之一。 Drilling fluid desilter is widely used for three-stage purification of drilling fluid, which can effectively remove solid particles of 15 to 44 microns in drilling fluid. It is one of the important equipment indispensable to stabilize and adjust the technical parameters of drilling fluid.

,为双排直线组合式旋流器组合细目振动筛,通过调节旋流器底流和筛框角度可实现加重钻井液中的重晶石回收和非加重钻井液的一般使用,除泥器选用浇注型聚氨酯旋流器,使用范围大,耐磨损不堵塞,筛框后角可调整,不易跑浆。 The drilling fluid desilter is a double-row linear combined cyclone combined fine mesh vibrating screen. By adjusting the swirler underflow and the angle of the screen frame, the barite recovery in the drilling fluid can be realized and the general use of the non-heavy drilling fluid can be achieved. The desilter uses a cast polyurethane cyclone, which has a wide application range, is resistant to abrasion and does not clog, and the rear angle of the screen frame can be adjusted to prevent slurry running. The selected screen has high strength and long service life. The overflow pipe is designed with an overflow device to adjust the working pressure. The overall structure is compact and reasonable, the installation and adjustment are convenient, the performance is stable and reliable, and the maintenance is simple.