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Aiyi Machinery is a professional manufacturer of mud solid control equipment . The solid control equipment produced by Aiyi Machinery includes: drilling fluid vibrating screen, mud cleaner, drilling fluid centrifuge, cyclone sand remover, desilter, mud agitator, jet mixing device and a complete set of solid control system.控 设备。 Control equipment. The products are mainly used for processing drilling mud, serving on land and offshore oil drilling platforms, natural gas drilling, directional crossing, non-excavation engineering, piling engineering and construction drilling.

Aiyi Machinery gathers elite talents, and cooperates with many petroleum university research institutes, and is committed to research and development of advanced mud solid control equipment. The company is in the spirit of "pragmatic, specialized research, perseverance and contribution", according to different technologies Requirements, to fully develop the advantages and expertise of each designer, adhering to the mission criteria of "integrity first, high quality and efficiency", and actively contribute to the economy, quality and efficiency of customers.

In order to better realize the improvement of product quality and technology neck, Aiyi Machinery has passed API certification. The company strictly implements quality system procedures and inspection requirements during the production management process to ensure that the products are 100% qualified.

Ai's goal is to cultivate first-class teams; to pursue first-class technology; to create first-class products; to provide first-class services. Ultimately create the best benefits for customers.